Gruppo Pellicola has also created a network of partners that consists of Anselmo Group, Dime Metal DesignTarsia Consorzio and Virtus Ingegneria. Thanks to these collaborations, Gruppo Pellicola is able to increase its offer on the global market.

Anselmo Group

Anselmo Group is a group of companies operating in the food industry and offering complete solutions. The group is based in Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, and comprises the companies Anselmo, Anselmo Braibanti, Anselmo LTA, Fen and Omar.

Specifically, it supplies automatic and semi-automatic lines for the production of long pasta, short pasta, special pasta, nests pasta, cannelloni, lasagne, couscous, fresh pasta and snacks.

Anselmo Group has set itself the mission of being the supplier of choice for the world’s leading dry pasta manufacturers, providing plants capable of producing pasta at the highest quality levels achievable on the market.

Together with this primary objective, Anselmo plants must also generate the maximum added value for its customers thanks to the continuous improvement of the investment/production capacity ratio and the reduction of operating, maintenance and energy consumption costs.

Dime Metal Design

Dime Metal Design is a metalworking company specializing in sheet metal, metal structures and accessories for industrial and food plants.

It started in 2015 in a small workshop and grew to become a manufacturer of accessories for milling plants, coffee production, food, oil and metal processing companies.

The company’s hallmarks are its constant focus on innovation and its love of its work, which enables it to meet any customer requirement. This is achieved by highly qualified personnel and advanced machinery, thanks to which work can be carried out with fast and reliable delivery.

A team of experts, consisting of specialised technicians and designers, are committed to the common goal of achieving the best result by developing a tailor-made project.

Tarsia Consorzio

Tarsia Consorzio is a new company, but with the experience guaranteed by its members who have been working for years in the industrial and residential construction sector, in the construction of facilities for the agri-food industry and in the provision of Innovative Facility Management, catering, sanitation and green management services.

It designs and builds systems for the food, construction and energy industries, also offering installation, repair, maintenance, rehabilitation and management services for thermo-technical, hydraulic and electrical systems.

Tarsia is also active in the construction, repair, maintenance and civil construction, industrial, maritime, airport and space buildings. It carries out restoration and maintenance work on buildings subject to cultural and environmental heritage protection.

It performs works and provides services for the conservation, operation and planned maintenance of building complexes, as well as related structures and installations of all types, both civil and industrial, including integrated works and services.


Virtus Ingegneria is a modern and dynamic project that was born from the idea of Pasquale D’Affuso, an engineer and freelancer with 20 years of experience in the world of engineering and safety at work.

From his meeting with other professionals from southern Italy, the Virtus project was born in Policoro: the result of the synergies put in place in recent years and the conviction that by working as a system between professionals, important results can be achieved.

Virtus Ingegneria provides consultation in the fields of health and safety at work, environment, energy, food safety, GDPR, management systems, integrated design, fire prevention, tenders and contracts, supervision of works, testing, construction site safety and training.

It works every day to provide consultation for the improvement of working environments, reduction of accident risks and pollution, with respect for human dignity and the environment as its mission.