The group was born from the Pellicola family’s many years of experience in the engineering sector and brings together several Italian companies united by their Made in Italy manufacturing, customised design and constant investment in research and development.


Developing and realizing cutting-edge engineering solutions


Improving everyday life through engineering

We develop and realise cutting-edge engineering solutions for the agri-food, construction, energy and automatic distribution industries. We aim to improve people’s everyday lives through engineering, satisfying different needs and expanding our offer in more sectors.




The companies that are part of Gruppo Pellicola are Molitecnica Sud, Technalia Applied Designing and Technalia Automatic Solutions. They are involved in the design and construction of milling and agri-food plants, innovative projects and 24h shops.

Molitecnica Sud designs and manufactures milling and agri-food plants 100% certified Made in Italy. The company analyses the customer’s request all over the world in order to offer complete solution in the food sector. The company offers a rich package of services ranging from preliminary analysis to tailor-made projects

Technalia Applied Designing is an Italian company specialising in modern plants and solutions for the food, construction and energy industries. Its R&D department has developed Cube Mill, an innovative, extremely compact solution for milling of cereals.

Automatic solution is Technalia’s brand dedicated to the design and construction of h24 shops and vending machine installations. It offers h24 shops with security counter doors and vending machines with remote management function. It produces customised graphics, engravings and lighting.


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