The companies that are part of Gruppo Pellicola are Molitecnica Sud, Technalia Applied Designing and Technalia Automatic Solutions. They are involved in the design and construction of milling and agri-food plants, innovative projects and 24h shops.


Molitecnica Sud designs and manufactures milling and agri-food plants, 100% certified Made in Italy. The company, together with its group, offers complete solutions in the food sector to satisfy its customers in the world. Specifically, it deals with mills, feed mills, pasta factories, bakeries, conveying systems, auxiliary machines, storage and much more.

The company proposes a rich package of services ranging from preliminary analysis, which consists in the study of the specific needs of the customer for the identification of the best solution, to customised design, to offer tailor-made projects. The company also offers the services of maintenance and technical assistance before and after sales, also remotely.

Molitecnica Sud was founded than 50 years ago in Altamura, from the idea of Giuseppe Pellicola to “create unique solutions for the Milling and Agri-food industry”. Subsequently, the management of the company was passed on to his sons who, together with the third generation of the family, carry on the same passion for the work as its founder, but with a more global vision: that of “spreading the Italian food and milling culture in the world”

Technalia Applied Designing

Technalia Applied Designing is an Italian company specialized in the building of agri-food systems, constructions and energy industries. It has its headquarters in Puglia, from where it operates with objectives and strategies that share a precise business philosophy, made up of commitment, research, reliability and continuous attention to technological evolution and global changes.

An innovative company, but with a fifty years experiential heritage, which places it among the most reliable partners in Italy, Balkans, North Africa and South America, where it contributes to local growth. Thanks to a high level of professionalism in the various fields and the ability to manage complex projects, it contributes to a timely and efficient valorisation of processes.

The company is based on a solid corporate culture, rooted in a modern managerial approach, investment in human resources and development of individual responsibilities, in an environment where team work and personal initiative, represent essential values. Understanding customers’ needs is the inspiring principle of the company’s philosophy. Its development centre and all services are aimed at developing lasting and meaningful relationships.

Technalia Automatic Solutions

Technalia Automatic Solutions is an Italian company specialized in automatic distribution, both as a business and as a complementary business channel to the traditional shop. The company has invested in the design and creation of vending machines and the marketing of 24-hour shops, with continuous attention to technological evolution and global changes.

It provides extremely versatile vending machines with which any type of product can be dispensed. So the solutions are not only suitable for 24-hour vending shops, but also for bars, restaurants, supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, hotels, pharmacies, petrol stations, newsagents, laundries, gyms and hardware shops. They are suitable for any business that wants to supply products automatically.

It offers the possibility of integrating security counter doors to 24-hour shops, to protect fittings and dispensers from burglary, theft or tampering. It is very important to add a creative touch to fittings, so it produces customised graphics, engravings and lighting to make 24-hour shops unique. It proposes vending machines with a remote management function to manage h24 shops from the comfort of your smartphone.